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Greetings, traveler. You have stumbled upon Delgrotto, a colorful fantasy world full of both cute and scary things.

Delgrotto is home to doodles and crafts of all kinds. This website is a showcase only. If you wish to purchase any of my creations, please see the eBay link above, (or under each Showcase Gallery).


Cumberland Covered Bridge Festival    Matthews, IN            September 5th-7th

Pumpkin Harvest Festival                     Noblesville, IN          October 4th-October 26th         

                                                                                           (Saturdays and Sundays Only)

Update 09-08-14: I’ve returned from the Cumberland Covered Bridge Festival in Matthews, IN! It was a blast, and I got to meet a lot of nice people. Thank you to everyone who stopped by! My next festival destination will be the Pumpkin Harvest Festival at Stonycreek Farm in Noblesville, IN. I will be there Saturdays and Sundays throughout the duration of the festival.