Welcome to Delgrotto


Greetings, traveler. You have stumbled upon Delgrotto, a colorful fantasy world full of both cute and scary things.

Delgrotto is home to doodles and crafts of all kinds. This website is a showcase only. If you wish to purchase any of my creations, please see the eBay link above, (or under each Showcase Gallery).

Update 08-11-14: Most listings in my eBay Store that expire during August will not be available again until mid September. (As I will be attending a local festival to sell my items.) There will be a few items up but not many. Early September will be used to get items restocked and re-listed in my store. Feel free to email if there is an item you wish to be made upon commission before then. Otherwise check back in September!

I've been busy and I hope to have some updates to submissions later this week and the next. Some new colors + something cute I will reveal at a later date.

Update 07-18-14: Updated the Cheshire Cat Tail gallery.

Update 07-15-14: Updated the Pillow and Kitty galleries.